October 16, 2015

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Are you a persistent person? Do you give up easily? So I think you’d better know this man:

‘Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton was born in 1874 in Ireland. As a child his family moved to London; as a young man he became an explorer

On August 8, 1914, he and his men left London on a ship called Endurance to cross Antarctica from sea to sea, via the South Pole. But things didn’t go well at all: on January 18, 1915, their ship got trapped in the ice and was slowly crushed. There was no solid ground around them as the shore was far away. At first Shackleton told them to play soccer, and they did (!). It was a way to keep the team together. After, they camped on the ice – but it began to break up and they had to leave

On April 9, 1916, the men recovered the small boats that were attached to their ship, which was now broken into pieces. They got into the boats and were able to land on Elephant Island. Why didn’t anybody help them? Well, it’s easy: Nobody lived there

Shackleton and five men left the island in a very small boat to find help. The other men stayed there waiting for him to return and save them, but only on May 8 he and his five men arrived in South Georgia.  Three of them stayed in the boat; Shackleton and other two men left to cross the mountains and find help

On May 20 they finally found help in Stromness, the main town in South Georgia. But his men were still under risk. Shackleton tried to return and rescue them, but the weather was stormy and waves were too high. I believe anybody would have stopped here; why risking your own life after all? But Shackleton didn’t. After his fourth try he was able to reach Elephant Island and rescue his men. How many men died? None. Persistence and team work won again’


– World English Intro pg 70 and 71

– https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernest_Shackleton

At World English Intro Unit 6 youll learn more about Shackleton’s journey – and how his persistence and team work saved the crew

rubber-duck That’s why we should never give up… Quack!





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