September 4, 2015

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When William Kamkwamba was a child, his family had to grow their own food. His house had no electricity, nor running water. In Malawi, Africa, only 2% of the population can afford electricity. Life is very difficult.

William was 14 years old when there was a severe drought. The earth was dry. Without water, plants didn’t grow. There was no food. William explains: “My family had one meal per day: only at night. My friends started to starve and many died”.

He had to quit school. But he wanted to continue his studies. So he found a book called Using Energy. He couldn’t speak English very well, but he studied the pictures to understand how to build a windmill. The windmill, he says, can provide electricity and bring water up from the ground. He started to build a windmill for his family.

Many people laughed at William. Nobody believed he could build a windmill. But he was very creative and found the parts of the equipment in a junkyard. He joined a tractor fan, PVC pipes, a bicycle frame and… built his machine. After a couple of months, William was generating energy for his family.

But William wanted much more. He wanted to help his school. He built a windmill and helped the school generate it’s own energy and get water from the soil. After, he taught people from his village how to build windmills, too. Nowadays William teaches this technique all over Africa and the World. What does he teach? He teaches how Persistence can save lives.

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