January 17, 2019

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      What’s the secret of longevity? Dr. Dan Buettner found the answer in Sardinia and Okinawa:

(Pronunciation: Sar--ni-a, Í-ta-liii  – O-ki-NÁU-a, Ja-PÊN)

      Sardinia is in the Medirerranean Sea. It’s very mountanous.
      In Sardinia, summer is hot. Winter isn’t too cold. It’s mild.

      Sardinia is mountanous. Winter is mild.

      (Pronunciation: Sar--ni-a is MÁUN-t-nouz. UÍN-ter is MÁI-ôuld)

      Okinawa has a subtropical climate. The sea is warm and there are beautiful coral reefs.

Okinawa has a subtropical climate.

(Pronunciation: In O-ki--ua hés a sub-TROU-pi-cal CLÁI-mãt)

      But… What do Sardinia and Okinawa have in common?

They are  islands.

(Pronunciation: THEY ár ÁI-lãnds)

      * Sardinia and Okinawa are beautiful islands.

      * Most Sardinians and Okinawans don’t smoke.

      * People there are physically active every day.

People are  socially active.

(Pronunciation: PÍ-pol ár SÔU-xa-li ÉC-tiv)

* Sardinians and Okinawans plant and eat vegetables.

* Both prefer to cook and eat at home.

* People there are socially active.

Now it’s easy to understand why Sardinians and Okinawans live a looooooong life!


Read the post and WATCH THE VIDEO to answer the questions:






Wanna know more?  Watch one more video at https://www.today.com/health/live-100-what-we-can-learn-people-sardinia-t13921and access  https://drjess.com/live-long-happy-life-secrets-okinawa/ to expand your long-life culture.            


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