January 15, 2019

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      But… How old is old? Some whales live up to 200 years. Humans can live longer than most animals: about 120 years.  However, most men don’t live for so long.

Whales live up to 200 years

(Pronunciation: UÊI-ous lêv ÃP tu  TWU HÃN-dred ÍÃRZ)

      Yet, men in Sardinia live longer than men on other parts of the world.

In Sardinia, men live longer

(Pronunciation:  In Sar--ni-a, MÊN lêv LÔN-gar)

      In America, for each 100-year-old man there are four 100-year-old women. But in Sardinia, an equal number of men and women live to be 100.

Both men and women live to be 100

(Pronunciation: BÔUTH mên ên -mên LÊV tu bí UÃN HÃN-drêd)

      The reason is simple: in Sardinia, men live a stress-free life. They work in the hills, hearding sheep. But they don’t worry about other things.

In Sardinia, men heard ship

(Pronunciation: In Sar--ni-a, mên hãrd shêp)

      And the women? Well… They do the ‘worrying‘: look after the house, take care of the family money, go to the bank.

… And women do the worrying!

(Pronunciation: Ên ÚÍ-mên dú the -rin)

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