January 10, 2019

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      “Since I met Ushi five years ago, she run away from home, started working at a new job and started using perfume too.” says dr. Dan Buettner.  

Ushi started to use perfume now

(Pronunciation: USHÍ STÁR-têd to ÍUZ PÃR-fíum náu)

      Why perfume? Well… She has a new boyfriend. Not bad for a 103-year-old lady!

Ushi is 103 years old

(Pronunciation: USHÍ íz uãn HÃN-drêd ên THRÍ Í-ãrz ôld)

      Ushi is not an exception. Populations around the world are getting older.To study them, Dr. Dan Buettner* spent 10 years visiting places where people live long lives.

Okinawans have one-third  the heart disease

(Pronunciation: o-ki-NÁU-ãns hév UÃN- THÃRD the HÁRT diz-ÍZ)

      One of the places he visited is Okinawa, in Japan. “Okinawans have one-third  the heart disease, one-fourth the breast and prostate cancer and one-third less mental problems than Americans” says Dr. Buettner.

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* Dan Buettner is a National Geographic Fellow and New York Times bestselling author. He is a longevity expert, an explorer, educator, author, producer, storyteller and public speaker.


Read the post and WATCH THE VIDEO to answer the questions:



Wanna know more? Access the original https://www.bluezones.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Nat_Geo_LongevityF.pdf   to expand your long-life


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