September 11, 2017

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      Alguns verbs pedem ING no verb que os sucede, mesmo quando a ação já terminou. Veja some examples:

Verb + verb(ing):

Verb stop: Tive que stop dancing because já estava late.

Verb enjoy: My sister enjoys cooking spaghetti.

      Outros verbs pedem  TO antes do verb que os sucede. Note como os dois verbs se connect:

Verb + to + verb:

Verb remember: Please remember to do the homework!

Verb learn: Quero perder o medo da water. Vou learn to swim antes que o summer chegue.

Flex verbs:

Também existem verbs que aceitam as two forms:

Verb like: I don’t like watching TV.

Verb like:  I don’t like to watch TV.

(As two forms estão correct, because o verb like  aceita as two forms de conjugation).

Quer saber more about TO X ING? Access the original to expand your culture.



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