August 14, 2015

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A volcano is a mountain. But its not a ‘normal’ mountain: inside the volcano there’s magma. The magma is made of hot, melted rock –  it reaches up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit (that is, 1,903 degrees Celsius!) When there’s an eruption, the magma goes out. The magma that is outside the volcano is called lava, and it fills the hole at the top of the volcano, forming a lava lake.
Geologists study volcanos because they need to know the origins of the earth – but going inside the earth is impossible: it’s too hot! So they reach the lava lakes and collect pieces of lava. This way they can understand how the world started, thousands of years ago.


rubber-duckOh my God! I would never go into a lava lake, quack!

At our book World English Intro pg 72 and 73 + video, you can see real geologists exploring a volcano – wow!



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