September 13, 2017

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      Que tal live 100 years? Well… Some animals podem live much more:

Galapagos giant tortoise
      People de todo o mundo viajam para as  Galapagos  para ver these fantastic creatures que live até 190 years.


Greenland sharks

      This species de shark live nas deep waters do Artic e can live more than 200 years.


Koi fish

      This Japanese fish decorates aquários em todo o world e can live more than 200 years, too.


Bowhead Whales

      They live até 245 years. Animals abatidos recently apresentavam arpões de 1890 in their bodies.


Arctica islandica (it’s a clam)

      This clam from the North do Atlantic Ocean can live até 507 years!

Conheça mais animals que live 100 years or more at:


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• 1: (Galapagos giant tortoise)
• 2: (Greenland shark)
• 3: (Koi fish)
• 4: (Bowhead Whales)
• 5: (Arctica islandica)

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