March 7, 2018

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      Embora the USA sejam uma colony do United Kingdom, both countries têm very different habits:

      * Drinking alcohol in public spaces and at children’s parties é ok in the UK, but not in the USA;

      * Tipping não é obrigatório in the UK. Já in the USA, waiters, taxi drivers and hotel staff se sentem ofendidos se não ganharem uma generous tip;

      * Ser friendly com desconhecidos não é common in the UK. Já in the USA, até o caixa do supermarket te diz ‘Good morning, how are you?’;

      * Banter (= insult alguém de modo humourous) is not very common in the USA, but in the UK it’s friendly and represents uma tentativa de aproximação.

The original text, posted at Quora on November 25, 2017, was an answer to the question “What is socially acceptable in the UK, but not in the US?”  The author of the answer is Georgia Hilton, MA Philosophy, University of Aberdeen. She is from Scotland but lives in England.

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