August 28, 2015

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Do you have siblings? I mean, do you have brothers or sisters? Well… What’s the difference between siblings and twin siblings? Let’s hear it from Jie Liu Vivi. She’s from China and has a twin sister. Here is part of the article she wrote and published at about the relationship between twins:

“(…) Whenever people talk about twins, they always associate them with intelligent interaction (a special kind of intelligence between them).Therefore, I always ask myself if that is a function that any person can have.

The answer is positively NO. Only twins have it. Amazingly, it is possible for most twins to come up with the same words or to have the same reaction, and even to have the same answer to one particular question (…)

(…) There is a special friendship between twins like me and my sister. We don’t have any secrets between us at all. (…) The other one is always a good mirror to look at and to talk to just like one talks to oneself”

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rubber-duckI want a twin duck brother, Quack!



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