September 7, 2018

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      Traveling is great – but only if you’re smart. Mike Connely gives us some tips in his book Easy Travel:

At the airport

      * Bring a book, a sweater, a bottle of water and something to eat in your carry-on bag. Airport restaurants are very expensive – and crowded;



      * Don’t pack anything important on your check-in bag. Important items, like your keys and a  portable battery, should be in your carry-on;

      * A beautiful suitcase can be attractive to robbers. Use and old, non-attractive suitcase;

      * Distinguish your suitcase using a colorful string or  colorful stickers so you can find it easily at the airport carousel.




      * Take a picture of all documents and send it to your e-mail. If you lose the documents, this picture will be helpful.

      * Check you passport expiration date. Many countries won’t let you enter with less than 6 months left on your passport;

      * Remember medical insurance is fundamental. Hospitals in the USA and Europe can be very expensive.


Wanna know more?  Access the originals, , and read World English 1 pg 34, from National Geographic,  to expand your culture.


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