June 13, 2018

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Do you know quais são the top five sports in the world?

And do you know the characteristics de cada um? Let’s test your sports culture:

1. Only 10 countries in the world play this sport internationally.

2. In India and Pakistan, it is the national sport. In Australia, Germany and Japan it’s popular, too.

3. Popular in rich countries como the USA. It’s equipment is very expensive.

4. People in Canada, China, Russia, the USA and the Phillipines love it! The equipment is not very expensive.

5. It’s played all around the world e é very popular em schools.

Wanna know more?  Read World English Intro from National Geographic, p. 90, teacher’s book.     

(The correct sequence is: 1.b) Cricket  2.a) Field Hockey 3.c) Tennis 4.b) Baseball 5.c) Volleyball.


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