November 6, 2015

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Mother Nature is diverse and perfect. There are outstanding animals that are worth studying, like Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguins life cycle is amazing. When winter comes they walk 50 to 120 km deep in the main land and take part in the breeding colonies with thousands of other penguins. There they need to find their match and form a couple that will be together until their baby is born

The female lays a single egg, which is incubated by the male while the female goes to the ocean to feed. The egg must be protected the whole time otherwise it can get frozen in minutes

While Mother Penguin is away, the egg hatches and the Father Penguin needs to feed the baby with some food saved in his own body. When (and if) the Mother is back it’s her turn to take care of the baby so the Father can go to the ocean to feed

It’s hard to believe it but, when the Father returns, he is able to find his baby and Mother Penguin among thousands of other penguins. Their life cycle is through; now the family can be together after all

Our Enjoy Student Karyn M. Lehmkuhl learned about Emperor Penguins at a TV program and decided to share what she had learned with us

rubber-duck What a beautiful text Karyn… Congratulations, Quack!

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