May 11, 2018

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      People in the 18th century only had a good wash twice a year. Around 100 years ago, showering became an everyday habit.

      But some doctors say frequent showers are not so good because the natural flora and skin oils can be harmed. So people in some countries don’t shower every day.

      In Japan, the United Kingdom and China people take around 5 showers a week;

      In France, Spain and Italy, showering 3 or 4 times a week is ok.

      In Israel, four or five showers a week is the average. When there’s no rain, TV commercials tell people to reduce the quantity of showers.

      In Brazil and Colombia, 12 showers a week are the average – more than in any other contries.

Wanna know more?  Access the originals expand your shower culture.                   


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