June 30, 2017

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      The Vikings (or: pirates from Scandinavia) lived in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

      Their houses were big but there was only one room with a fireplace in the centre. The family lived with cows, goats and sheep in the same room;

      The Vikings weren’t only pirates. They farmed, fished and established routes for commerce to Turkey and Russia. They liked eating, drinking and singing;

      35% of the Viking population died before they were 20 years old. Most women lived to be 35 years old and men, 40.

      Children who survived the first five years had to help the family and be independent. They learned how to fight and work, but didn’t go to school.

Wanna know more about the Vikings? Access the originals http://ipfactly.com/10-interesting-facts-about-the-vikings and http://www.fun-facts.org.uk/vikings/interesting_facts_vikings.htm  to expand your Norse culture.                                 



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