February 24, 2016

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As New 7 Wonders foram voted pelas people from all over the world.

Surprise – one of them is in Brazil!


* The Taj Mahal, in India, foi construído pelo emperor Shah Jahan para remember his wife, Mumtaz Mahal;



* Christ the Redeemer, in Brazil, feita in the 1920s and construída com soapstone and concrete;



* The Colosseum, in Italy, um enorme anfiteatro construído em apenas 8 years e que pode abrigar até 50,000 people;



* The Great Wall of China, built para defender o Chinese Empire, mede about 21,196 kilometers;



Quer conhecer as other New 7 Wonders? On your book Pathways 2 pg 150 you will learn more information about all of them.


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