October 23, 2015

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Gianni Golfera is a young Italian man. But what’s so special about him isn’t his nationality – it’s his memory.
Gianni has an ‘Eidectic memory’, that is, “the ability to perfectly recall images, sounds or objects”. It means that everything he reads or every idea he learns becomes a part of him, and he associates it with an image.
People who don’t have this gift and who don’t develop this kind of memory tend to forget things. Not him: Gianni has memorized more than 250 books, and he can remember every detail of his life from the time he was less than one year old.
Can you learn his technique? Can you work your memory out in order to remember things more easily? Watch the video ‘The Memory Man’ at Pathways 2 Unit 5 and find the answer for your question.
At Pathways 2 Unit 5 you will learn more about Gianni Golfera, the ‘memory man’ , and his technique to have a good memory.

rubber-duck I wanna learn how to have a super-memory too, quack!

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