August 19, 2016

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From 2000 BC to 900 AD, a very special civilization flourished in Central America and Mexico. The Maya civilization was very advanced intelectually, artistically and politically. It’s economy was very developed as it was based on trade.

The Mayans created a writing system; their architecture and engineering still amaze people nowadays. They were able to irrigate the fields connecting them by a system of canals.

Mayan cities had palaces, ball courts for sports, temples and even pyramids. Their  observatories prove us they knew a lot about astronomy, too.

The Mayan civilization didn’t disappear, but it lost power as many of  its cities went through wars, deforestation and climate changes that led to drought.  Most of them were abandoned around  1,100 years ago.

This text is a bricolage of the articles published at World English Intro (Teacher’s Edition) and Read the originals and learn more about the Mayans.



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