April 22, 2016

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Ben was a normal guy. In January 2006, he received an e-mail that would change his life: his friend Mark invited him to create an online start-up business. Both were just 26 years old and the idea sounded a little stupid but Ben accepted it anyway.


Ben and Mark created a tribe, an online community that would have to follow all rules that they set up. By September that year, 920 people had joined the tribe. The community got so strong that Ben and Mark decided to bring them to an island – a real island, not a virtual one! And in the same year, 13 members of the tribe moved with Ben and Mark to  ‘Vorovoro’.


The tribe connected with other people through the internet. They kept in touch with over a thousand people from all over the world. More groups came visit the island – and the community. The population on the island  also benefited from the development, got new jobs and new ideas for their own communities.


Nowadays Tribewanted – the name of the tribe created by Ben Keene and Mark James – is still growing and connecting different people with real places. Anyone can visit them, go to Vorovoro (or to Sierra Leone, Umbria and Bali, their new locations), donate money and join the online tribe.


This post was based on our book ‘Pathways 2: Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking’ pg 53. This book that brings you a lot of cultural information.


• http://image.slidesharecdn.com/fgeografa2-090714123220-phpapp01/95/geografa-8-728.jpg?cb=1247574808
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