October 9, 2015

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Have you ever heard about the Amish People? In the USA, there ware around 249,000 Amish people in 2010. In 2014, there were about 290,100 of them according to the ‘Amish Population Profile 2014’*

The Amish are a group of traditionalist Christians who enjoy having a simple life so they can spend more time with their families. They avoid using telephones, computers and even electricity. Instead of driving cars, they prefer to ride carriages – or horses. They like farming. Amish are very hard-working people

They have their own schools – usually a school where all students study in the same room, called ‘one-room school’. Amish teenagers discontinue formal education when they are around 14 years old. Amish value humility, manual labor and nature. They have church services  in their own homes, so there aren’t church buildings

In order to be allowed in heaven after death, they believe they should be kind, respectful, work hard and love God. Amish believe forgiveness should be unconditional

At Pathways 4 Unit 6 we learn much more about the Amish People and their culture. Expand your ideas at Enjoy

* research performed by the Young Center of Anabaptist and Pietist Studies at Elizabethtown College (http://www2.etown.edu/amishstudies/Population_Profile_2014.asp)

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