Karyn Munyk Lehmkuhl

Librarian at UFSC

Por que você está estudando na Enjoy?

I started studying because I like English. But now some opportunities have come up, so I want to be prepared.

Porque o inglês é importante para você?

Oh my God! English made it possible for me to go to different countries, because all these Congresses and Programs are held in English and as I’ve been studying for a while I feel secure to communicate.
PS – Karyn works at UFSC University Library. She participates in Congresses and Study Programs in Europe to exchange information with people from all over the world about how to improve their services – what is working and what’s not working… Her goal is to foster the exchange of information among Technology Universities around the world and also divulge what University Libraries in Brazil have been doing.
She is in Germany right now and didn’t want to miss her classes. So she is having them through Skype.