Joana de Jesus

Director and Business Owner at Automatisa Laser Solutions

Por que você está estudando na Enjoy?

Because it’s interesting. In class I have fun, go through different experiences and activities ­ I relax and discover. I really use the information I learn in class: after studying about Singapore I decided to discover suppliers there. This month my business partner is going to Singapore to visit companies and have technical courses there. This is what I mean by ‘useful’.


Porque o inglês é importante para você?

English is a powerful tool for my business, so my goal
is to become fluent. Fluency = Freedom+Power. I’d like to express myself with no mistakes – ­ my thoughts, opinions and arguments I speak English with my suppliers, clients, sales representatives, distributors and so I need to express myself perfectly so that I can represent my company more properly. I’d like to feel absolutely confident about my English when I work abroad.