January 15, 2016

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But these engineers don’t test only appliances. They also try to open safes. If they can open the safe, a thief can open it, too!

Banks have bulletproof glass – but is it really efficient? Engineers at Underwriters Laboratories shoot bulletproof glass to test if it stops the bullets. If the glass breaks, it doesn’t pass the test.

Sometimes, the work seems funny, so some employees call the place ‘fun house‘. But it requires attention and responsibility – it’s a laboratory!

After the tests, all appliances go to the trash. It’s a fitting attitude for the best laboratory in the world.


1) Watch the video:

2) Answer the questions to learn more about the attitude of these engineers. (The answers are at the end of this post) :

1. What are some activities engineers do at Underwriters Laboratories?
a) They try to rob banks.
b) They try to open safes and to break bulletproof glass.
c) They try to produce safes and to clean bulletproof glass.

2. What are some characteristics of engineers at this Laboratory?
a) They are responsible and pay attention at work.
b) Their work is fun so they don’t pay attention at work.
c) They destroy things because they aren’t very careful.

3. What do the engineers do with the objects after the tests?
a) They throw the objects in the trash.
b) They donate the objects.
c) They take the objects home.



ANSWERS:   1:  b)    2:  a)    3: a)


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