September 22, 2017

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      Cobble Creek is a family farm in New York. It has existed for 80 years. There you can find fresh fruits, vegetables and grains.

Fresh fruit, vegetables and grains

      But Cobble Creek not an ordinary farm. It’s a self-service farm!

Pumpkins – a lot of pumpkins!

      In October, you can go there to pick your own pumpkin for Halloween.

Giant pumpkin

      Or to choose a nice decoration for your house: Cobble Creek has 70 to 80 Pumpkin People – but they’re not people. They are dummies!

Pumpkin Dummies

      On Christmas, you can cut your own Christmas tree.

Cut your own Christmas tree

      And to have extra fun you can take a haunted hayride and get really scared!



Haunted hayride                           Get scared


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• 1:
• 2: Xtmas tree:
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• 7: Haunted hayride:
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