January 6, 2016

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A Souk‘ is an open market. ‘Souks‘ are very popular in Morocco.

The oldest ‘Souk‘ in Morocco is in the city of Fez.

In a ‘Souk’, craftsmen work inside small stalls.

They produce beautiful patterns on metal tabletops.

In the alleys around the stalls, products are very cheap. People there negotiate, bargain and make good deals. Here, bargaining is an art!

Sometimes, vendors suggest an abusive price.

No, they aren’t trying to cheat the customers: vendors are only testing the customer’s reaction.

But, if you are patient,  you will leave with many things – and with an empty wallet!



Answer the questions to learn more about  Bargaining in Souks.
The answers are at the end of this post:

1. In a Souk, where do craftsmen work?
a) In a big room, with many artisans working together.
b) At home, with their friends.
c) Inside the stalls.

2. Why do vendors suggest abusive prices?
a) To test your reaction and you ability to negotiate.
b) To cheat on customers.
c) To work inside small stalls.

3. Why will you leave with an ‘Empty wallet’ ?
a) Because vendors negotiate too much. They cheat on customers!
b) Because, in a Souk, things are cheap. So people buy too much and return home with no money!
c) Because, in a ‘Souk’, craftsmen work inside small stalls. They are very talented!



ANSWERS:   1: c)    2: a)    3: b)


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