August 7, 2015

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Salmon is a special kind of fish. They are born in the cold, clean and well-oxigenated water of rivers. Several months after their birth they move to the sea, and their brains send  hormones to their bodies so they can ‘adjust’ to the salt water. After eight years swimming in the sea, they head back to the exact place where they were born. Nobody knows exactly how they are able to find this place, but scientists believe they use the geomagnetic field and their sharp sense of smell to guide them through the ocean towards the very stream where they were born. Once they find the river, they swim upstreams – another feature that only salmon have. They face difficult challenges: bears and other natural predators eat many of them. When they reach the calm pools behind the rocks, they stop eating and their skin turns red. Wanna know how this story ends? Learn more about Salmon at book Pathways 4 pg 95!


rubber-duckOh boy, I’m glad I am a Duck: I never have to swim upstreams!



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