August 21, 2015

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Did you know that your brain knows the difference between Romantic Love and Long-Term Love? When you feel deeply attracted by somebody, your body chemicals change

Dopamine is one of those chemicals produced by your brain and it increases when you experience the feeling of romance, giving you that ‘extra-energy’ we feel when we’re in love.
On the other hand, Oxytocin is one of the chemicals produced by your brain when you feel a deeper love

Oxytocin enhances the feeling of attachment between people and reduces anxiety while evoking feelings of contentment, security and calmness. That’s why this hormone is connected with Long-Term Love: when a woman has a baby, for example, her levels of Oxytocin rise considerably; couples feel more involved  due to the action of Oxytocin, and bonds among family members get much stronger

Learn more about Romantic Love X Long-Term Love at pg 94 of your Pathways 2 book


rubber-duckWhat if I mix Dopamine and Oxytocin? This must turn out to be such a cocktail, quack!



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