November 27, 2017

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      Idioms are expressions. Quando associadas ao weather, elas podem te deixar confuse. Vamos conhecer some idioms associadas ao weather:

      I’m under the weather = I’m not very good today (because I’m exhausted, stressed or sick).

      Eg: Please don’t talk to me today. I’m under the weather.

      Rain or  shine = Seja com rain ou com sun, vai acontecer e pronto.

      Eg: I will go to the picnic, rain or shine.

      Which way the wind blows = How the situation will probably develop.

      Eg: Não faça nada ainda. Espere para ver which way the wind blows.

      It’s raining cats and dogs = It’s raining a lot!

      Eg: Close the window , it’s raining cats and dogs!


Quer saber mais about these idioms? Access the originals,, and to expand your idiom culture.    



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