March 23, 2018

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      Elizabeth II, the Queen of Britain, lives with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. 

      There was a time when Queen Elizabeth II had 11 houses. Let’s get to know some of them:

Buckingham Palace, London

      It’s the Queen’s residence in London. It’s also the administrative centre and residence of many of the royal staff.

Shell Cottage, Whistable Bay, Kent

      This three-bedroom cottage is between the coast and  London. It was recently sold so now you can rent it for some days. In July, there’s a fantastic Oyster Festival.  And during the year you can enjoy the shops, cafes and pubs – or rent a bike to ride by the seafront.

Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire

      The world’s largest inhabited castle. A full visit to the castle will take you about half a day.

The Courtyard, Windsor

      This apartment is located in Windsor’s Courtyard. It has just been sold so now you can rent it. Remember to visit the boutiques, pubs and tearooms. Boat trips on the River Thames and horse-drawn carriage rides through Windsor are available – don’t miss it.

Wanna know the Queen’s other houses ? Access the original to expand your British Queen’s culture.       


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