September 18, 2015

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by Ana Carla dos Santos

“Nuclear energy is still unknown by many people. It´s based on the fusion (or  fission) of very small particles: the atoms

This energy is powerful and efficient. Some positive points are: it doesn´t produce a big quantity of waste, it doesn´t depend on the weather and it takes a small area to build a power plant

However, a power plant requires a lot of investments and it can be used to make nuclear weapons and bombs. There’s a big risk of accidents, and radioactivity is very dangerous to humans and nature

A fact that has called my attention is the Chernobyl disaster that happened in Ukraine in 1986. All the city had to be evacuated and nobody knows exactly when the area will be safe for human habitation

But good news are emerging: nowadays we can see wild bears, fish and other animals returning to that area. Wild horses called Przewalski are extinct in the wild but also appeared in the Chernobyl exclusion zone; it´s a sign that, after all, life is back again”

Our Enjoy Student Ana Carla dos Santos studied Energy Sources at our book Pathways 4 Unit 4. She understood Nuclear Energy is a very complex source of energy and decided to research more about it

rubber-duck It’s not easy to write about Nuclear Energy impartially – congratulations Ana! Quack



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