September 28, 2016

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___Nepeta Cataria é uma herb native of Europe and Asia que faz your cat go crazy! It acts via smell e estimula a semi-sexual response. The result is the animal rolls on the floor, balança o tail, esfrega and baba. The effect dura about fifteen minutes.

___Domestic cats aren’t os únicos que love catnip. Big cats, including leopards, jaguars, lions and tigers love it, too.

___Catnip is a pre-dinner cocktail: é uma coisa de ‘adult cats’.  “Fine Feline Snack Wines”, um ‘wine’ produced by Apollo Peak from Colorado, é feito de beterraba and organic catnip. For people, catnip tea is recommended como um  remedy for dores in the head and stomach.

This post foi gentilmente written by our Enjoy Student Laryssa Caetano.  You can learn more about Catnip at and….ir-own-wine-/. Thank you Laryssa!



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