April 2, 2018

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                      Positive- good
                                                        Yo manô-more better?

       These days eu estava no Quora e me deparei com a seguinte question: Is “more better” (…) grammatically correct? I heard them on a radio commercial in Houston, Texas.

       The answer escrita por Mark Mostow me fez pensar:

       “It’s incorrect. But there was a movie by Spike Lee in 1990 called Mo’ Better Blues. Here Mo’ is short for More. So these forms might be used in some Black dialects of English.”

       Para understand melhor:

       Situation 1: “Nóis vai, nóis fica”:
       “More better” seria como dizer nóis vai, nóis fica or É nóis mano: não é grammatically correct, mas expresses the informality da linguagem usada nas streets;

       Situation 2: It’s a Compound Adjective:
       Como Al Thomas citou em sua answer, se você separate o more do better você cria um adjective feito com 2 words (eg: better-qualified, que qualifica os workers). Neste caso o more se connect com workersmore (…) workers = bigger quantity of workers‘.

Eg: We need more better-qualified workers on our production line.

Wanna know more? Access the original https://www.quora.com/Is-%E2%80%9Cmore-better%E2%80%9D-or-%E2%80%9Cmore-higher%E2%80%9D-grammatically-correct-I-heard-them-on-a-radio-commercial-in-Houston-Texas to expand your grammar culture.


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