August 17, 2018

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       Do you know where the world’s money is? Let’s learn some interesting facts about money:

1 million dollars per student?

1) Today, in ______________, there are many students using federal money to study. 101 of these students have to pay 1 million dollars (or more) back to the government.

What country is it?

a)The United Kingdom
b) The USA
c)South Africa

Very unequal

2) ______________ is the most unequal region in the world. In 2014, the richest people represented 10% of the population but had 71% of all the region’s money.

What continent is it?

a) Africa
b) Asia
c) Latin America

Billionaires ?!

3) _________ is the city with the most millionaires in the world. But _________ has the most multi-millionaires and _________ has the most billionaires.

What cities are we talking about ?

a) London – San Francisco – Moscow
b) Hong Kong – New York – London
c) Tokyo – London – New York

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Answers: 1) b 2) c 3) c                                


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