May 28, 2018

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      Essas three words podem ser confusing pois em Portuguese they mean the same. But in English, they are different:


Use miss para express something you wanted to get, but … Oh, no, you missed the chance!

1: Transportation (bus,flight, train):

Eg.: I missed the bus, so I had to wait three hours for the next one.

2: Events ou opportunities:

Eg.: Don’t miss English class today. The teacher has a surprise!

3: Miss também serve para express a falta que something ou someone faz:

Eg.: My brother moved to Australia last year. I really miss him!


Quando you have something mas não sabe control it well, you waste it.

Podemos waste time, money, water, opportunities.

Eg.: Ao invés de study, he wastes his time watching TV.

Eg.: Don’t waste your money on clothes!


To lose something means that you had it but now you can’t find it.

Podemos lose objects, competitions e até a patience!

Eg.: I always lose my keys…

Eg.: My team lost the game.

Eg.: Don’t make me lose my patience!

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