January 20, 2017

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       Meerkats are  small animals that live in the deserts of South Africa and Botswana. They live in big families called  ‘clans’. Females ‘babysit’ all young in the clan. 

       A clan usually has twenty five members, but some have fifty members!

       Meerkats eat insects, birds, lizards and fruits . They spend the day looking for little crickets, scorpions, beetles… While one meerkat watches for predators, the others look for insects.

       The ‘guard’ meerkat makes soft sounds to inform that everything is ok.  But if a predator comes around, the ‘guard’ whistles to alert the other members of the clan.

This post baseou-se no book World English Intro – Teacher’s book and no article published ad http://www.livescience.com/27406-meerkats.html . Access the original to learn more about meerkats.




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