March 4, 2016

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In Nova Trento, a town near here, there is a strong Italian tradition. I know a little about it because my family is from there.

The most typical dish there is Polenta, made with cornmeal cooked in hot water. We usually eat Polenta with Fortaia, which is a mix of eggs, cheese and salami. Italy is also famous for its Pizza and Pasta, and a good Italian likes to drink wine or grape juice while eating.

The two most famous Italian dances are Tarantella and Siciliana; they are beautiful. In Nova Trento there is a group that rescues the Italian culture through dances and typical clothes.

Italians are famous for being penny-pinchers because they never spend their money. They are also hard working and very simple people. You can recognize an Italian because they are very very noisy and speak very loud. Italian people use expressions such as ‘sacramento or sacraóstia‘ when they are mad – and ‘mamma mia, ma donna or Santo Dio‘  when they are surprised or happy.

There are many Italian immigrants in Brazil so the Italian tradition became a part of our own culture – let’s enjoy it!


This post was kindly written by our Enjoy Student  Eloisa Capraro. Congratulations Elô, and thank you for sharing your text with us!



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