September 9, 2016

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A mother’s love favors the emotional development of a child. But did you know it can physically impact the development of a child’s brain? This is the second of four posts about intelligence and learning, and it teaches us how love can deeply change a child’s brain structure.

Livescience has published a study showing that “Nurturing a child early in life helps them develop a larger hippocampus – the brain region that directs learning, memory and stress responses”. The more love a child receives, the more their brain will develop.

But if a child doesn’t receive their mother’s care during preschool phase, the hippocampus size will not develop anymore – so taking care of the psychosocial environment where a child grows up is really important.

This post was kindly written by our Enjoy Student Helen Helena dos Santos. Access the links to learn more about how love can affect a child’s brain: and




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