August 24, 2018

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      Do you like to be alone? Astronaut Alfred M. Worden knows exactly what it is like to be truly alone.

Astronauts David R. Scott; Alfred M. Worden; and James B. Irwin.

      The Apollo 15 mission to the moon started on July 26, 1971 and ended on August 2, 1971. Three men were aboard the ship: Commander David R. Scott, James B. Irwin and Alfred M. Worden.

Two men on the mon, one man on the mothership    

      But while his crewmates were on the moon, Al Worden was circling the moon on the mothership to make sure there were no problems with the mission. For one year, he was totally alone.

The mothership returned home

      Fortunatelly, the mission was a success. Al Worden learned how to be alone for loooong periods. And the 3 astronauts came back home to their families with a unique experience: being on the moon. 

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