February 26, 2018

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      Sometimes you want to ask a question, mas de um modo menos direct e more elegant. What do you do?

      We recommend you use an Indirect question. Este tipo de question usa the reported speech (or indirect speech) para report uma interrogative sentence feita por another person ao listener . For example:

      Neste caso, o sujeito que fez a question foi ‘She‘, o listener que ouviu a question foi ‘I‘, e agora o ‘I‘ está contando a question que ele ouviu a uma terceira person – daí o name ‘reported speech‘.

       Note que este tipo de question never uses ‘?’ (question mark):

“Dan asked if you are coming to the study session this evening.”
“She was wondering if you want to get some coffee later.”
“They told me to ask where you’re going.”

Wanna know more? Access the original http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Declarative-Sentences.htm#Statements%20of%20uncertainty to expand your grammar culture.


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