April 23, 2018

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       Havia um time em que some jobs eram restritos às women, e outros aos men.

       Quando isto começou a change, a language deixou de refletir a reality das people e teve que ser adapted.

       Inclusive language is the name of the language que não separate women and men. Veja a difference entre some old words (today considered sexist language) and the words atuais (considered inclusive language):

OLD: businessman
(feminine: businesswoman)

MODERN: businessperson (or: business executive)
(for both men and women)

OLD: fireman
(feminine: firewoman)

MODERN: firefighter
(for both men and women)

OLD: stewardess
(masculine: steward)

MODERN: flight attendant
(for both men and women)

Wanna know more? Access the original at Pathways 3 pg 18 by National Geographic Leaning to expand your Inclusive Language culture.


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