September 2, 2016

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Would you like to be more intelligent? How about improving your brain function?

This is the first of four posts about intelligence and learning , and it teaches us simple things that can dramatically improve our brain function:

  • Exercise

Exercising regularly can help you learn new activities twice as quickly as a non-exercising person. Exercising benefits your neural health as well as your cognitive functions, including learning.

So, let´s exercise!

  • Eat well

Omega-3 fat is considered essential for our brain´s performance, because our body cannot produce it and we must get it from our daily diet. Salmon and tuna, eggs and chia are a good choice.

So, don´t forget your Omega-3!

  • Sleep – and listen to Music

Having a good night of sleep is extremely important. But listening to some music can help you a lot, too. Experts discovered that listening to calm music before doing some activities can double your brain function.

So relax and listen to music to improve your learning.

Don´t forget to check the links below and learn more about improving your brain function!

This post was kindly written by our Enjoy Student Thiago Coelho. Access, and to learn more about how to improve your brain.




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