May 27, 2016

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Have you ever been hypnotized? Hypnosis is a very ancient art, and it has been studied and improved for many years. Hypnotism is nothing more than concentration and focus.

Many people confuse hypnosis for magic, but they are not the same thing! Hypnotism is science, and magic is illusionism. Experts say that we’re hypnotized 80% of the time. Some examples are when you’re very concentrated watching a film and don’t realize that time is passing, or when you’re looking for something that is right under your nose but you can’t see it.

When someone is hypnotized, their subconscious is open to accept the hypnotist’s suggestions. These suggestions are the “key” to change a big amount of things in your mind. And it can be very strange, but awesome! Hypnosis can be used as a therapy to treat many kinds of phobias and even depression.


This post was kindly written by our Enjoy student Thiago Coelho. You may learn more about Hypnosis by accessing




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