February 3, 2017

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      February 2 is a cold day in the USA  because it’s winter. But… Will winter continue, or is spring coming soon?

      To answer this questions, people in the USA use an animal: a groundhog.


      Groundhogs hibernate during winter, and around February 4 they emerge from hibernation and come out of their burrows.

Groundhog coming out of its burrow

      If the animal sees it’s shadow, the day is sunny. So it returns to the borrow for six more weeks. According to the popular folklore, this means six more weeks of winter.

Groundhog seeing its shadow

      Now, if the animal does not see it’s shadow, the day is cloudy. This means spring is coming early.

Wanna know more about this American tradition? Watch the movie ‘Groundhog Day’ to expand your Groundhog Day culture.         


• groundhog teeth: http://indianapublicmedia.org/amomentofscience/files/2015/05/amos_groundhog-940x626.gif
• groundhog burrow: http://cdn.skim.gs/image/upload/v1456337556/msi/groundhog-looking-out-of-hole_y60ebk.jpg
• groundhog shadow: http://www.sawyoo.com/postpic/2014/08/groundhog-sees-his-shadow_68005.jpg
• groundhog spring: http://www.wwaytv3.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/groundhog-e1454418121560.jpg

• https://img.rt.com/files/2016.02/original/56afe02fc3618824158b456f.jpg
• http://image.nola.com/home/nola-media/width960/img/tpphotos/photo/2016/02/02/-bd823acc821374ba.JPG
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