March 25, 2016

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Today is a special Friday, the day when all Catholics commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. But… How do we call this day? In English, it’s called ‘Good Friday’.

‘Good’ does not look like the right adjective to describe this day: crucifixion is not something good… So why do we call this day ‘Good Friday’?

One of the theories says that Good Friday was, after all, a good day, because after the crucifixion and death, there was Christ’s ressurection (on Easter Sunday).

But some people don’t agree with this explanation. ‘Good’ also means holy – and Good Friday, they say, is a holy day: a day when Catholics should stay with their families and pray.

Now, there’s a third theory: Good would derive from God – ‘God’s Friday’. The Huffington Post and Wikipedia, for example, published this theory.

Other languages have different names for this day: in Italian, people call it ‘Sacred Friday’; in Russian, ‘Passion Friday’. But the name might not be the point: maybe the meaning of Good Friday – and Easter Sunday – is more important than the name we give it.

Learn more about the etymology of Good Friday at:  and . Access the original pages to expand your Catholic Holidays culture.



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