May 16, 2018

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     Giraffes are very special. Do you know this animal?

Good eyes, good ears, tall legs

      1. Giraffes, ao contrário da maioria dos mammals, can see in colors. True or False?

      2. A Giraffe chega medir 5,5 meters and pesar 1,300 kilos. True or False?

Wake up!

      3. Giraffes não precisam sleep very much. Two hours per day é sufficient. True or False?

Hard work

      4. Giraffes só precisam drink water three times a day. Thank God – para uma Giraffe, se abaixar para drink water is veeery difficult. True or False?

      5. How many stomachs do you have? Giraffes have two! True or False?


  1. True
  2. True
  3. False.  They need to sleep 30 minutes per day, divididos em short naps de 1 a 5 minutes.
  4. False. They drink water once a day.
  5. False. They have four stomachs.

Wanna know more about giraffes? Access the originals  and to expand your  giraffe culture.


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