April 11, 2016

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Você  já ouviu falar destas two words, e sabe que  both podem ser used como adjectives. Yes, you’re right: they have similar meanings – but they’re different. So, what’s the difference?


Quando você acha algo (ou alguém) Fun, você o considera nice and pleasant:


Eg 1: Biking is a  fun  sport: I like it very much.

Not: Biking is a funny sport.


Eg 2: The party was really  fun. I danced all night!

Not: The party was really funny .


Você também pode use fun as a noun:


Eg 3:Let’s go out and have some fun!

Not:  Let’s go out and have some funny.



Já quando algo ou alguém é Funny , ele te faz laugh:


Eg 1: My best friend is very  funny: she makes me laugh a lot!

Not: My best friend is very fun .


Eg 2: The show was so  funny que não consegui stop laughing!

Not:  The show was so fun.


E se esta thing – or person – for Fun and Funny ao mesmo time? No problem, isto até pode happen… Se esta thing – or person – te fizer feel good e ainda laugh, it’s Fun and Funny!


Este post é uma releitura do article The 5 Most Commonly Confused Word Pairs in Englishpublished at: fluentu.com http://www.fluentu.com/english/blog/commonly-confused-word-pairs-in-english/. Read the original text to improve your English.


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