September 21, 2018

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      500 million years ago, the five basic tastes (bitter, salty, sour, sweet and umami) helped animals identify their food. Today, they continue helping us survive. 

Do you know how to define each taste?


            A) This taste indicates this food is a source of energy.

            What taste is it: SALTY, SWEET or UMAMI?


                  B) A little quantity of this taste is good, but a lot is bad. If you reduce it, your taste buds can adapt and be satisfied with a small quantity of it. 

                   What taste is it: SWEET, SOUR or SALTY?



                 C) This taste is a poison alarm. But it’s found in many foods that contain antioxidants and stimulants, like dark chocolate and coffee.

                 What taste is it: SOUR, BITTER or UMAMI?



                 D) This taste originally signaled that food was decomposing. But it’s found in many foods that promote the absorption of calcium and iron.

                 What taste is it:  SALTY, SOUR or BITTER?



                E) This taste is  produced by certain amino acids. Meats, green tea and cooked tomatoes represent it very well.

                What taste is it:  BITTER, SALTY or UMAMI?  

      (Very important: Taste and Flavor are very similar, but a little different. Flavor is a combination of taste and aroma.)


       Answers: 1) sweet / 2 ) salty / 3) bitter / 4) sour / 5) umami .

This is the second of three posts about flavors.Wanna know more?  Access the original to expand your taste  culture.


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