September 7, 2015

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Can you write in English? Many students  acham que só poderão write in English depois de chegarem lá no book 10… This is not true! Nossa Enjoy Student Kathlen Santos escreve sobre ‘The Santos family’ e nos mostra como write a beautiful text usando simple – and correct – words. (PS – This text foi tirado da homework da Kathlen referente à segunda Unit do Book 1… Book 1?!? Yes, Book 1!):

“This is the Santos family. Herminio is short with straight black hair. His wife is Kathlen, she is short too with long, straight, blond hair. They have two daughtes: Ana Luíza and Maria Júlia. Ana Luíza is slim and pretty with long, straight, black hair. Maria Júlia is cute and happy with long, straight, blond hair. This is a beautiful family!”



Simple words arranjadas com love podem compor um fantastic text…
Thank you so much  Kathlen, 



 FONTE DAS IMAGENS : Arquivo pessoal da Enjoy Student Kathlen Santos

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