March 18, 2016

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Quinoa is one of those fantastic foods Mother Nature created. It is rich in protein, fiber and essential amino acids. Because of that quinoa is considered a super food and got really popular not only among vegan people but also among all those looking for a healthier way of life

Unfortunately, since quinoa is so famous, its price now is really high, especially for those who used to find that grain very easily in their lands: Peruvians and Bolivians

Some poor communities from those countries used to eat quinoa on a regular basis. Nowadays the grain can cost more than chicken. Also, some farmers prefer not to eat it in order to sell it

So, the higher western demand for quinoa is increasing hunger and poverty in Peru, Bolivia as well as interrupting the harmony that existed in their life style, environment and agriculture

So what is the right thing to do? We don’t need to stop eating quinoa right away. But it is important to balance our food choices. A good starting point is giving preference to local products and eat accordingly to the season

Our Enjoy Student Karyn M. Lehmkuhl learned about Quinoa and decided to share this important information with you. Congratulations and thank you so much Karyn!



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