November 7, 2016

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Dates in English são escritas in different ways. Os British prefer to write the day first, and after the month (sempre com CAPITAL LETTER). O year fica por último:


10 January 1995

10/1/1995 *

(The tenth of January, nineteen ninety five)

Já os North Americans prefer to write the month first (sempre com CAPITAL LETTER), and after the day. O year fica por último:

North American:

January 10, 1995

1/10/1995 *

(January tenth, nineteen ninety five)

Did you note que, quando você write a date in numbers only, as outras people não vão saber se o first number se refere ao day ou ao month? We recommend you always WRITE the month  (ao menos its initials):

  10 Jan, 1995 (British) or Jan 10, 1995 (North American)

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